Make changes to a list of things specifically

As you can see in the image , i have a list of Pools and each has a different Auction close date.

When auction close date < current date/time

of any pool i want THAT pools BUFFER TIME should switch to yes/no


Problem here is - When i put in the condition “Do when Search for 50kPools’s auction close date” it asks for first item or last item (basically only one item)

I want it to search all pools and when the auction close date < current date/time i want it to change that specific pools Buffer time to a “yes”

Please NEED HELP !!!

This being a batch job, could it help to put it in Backend workflows?

Best, Peter

will it work , i am yet to learn about api’s

I’m in a similar boat. Do backend workflows require the paid plan? “Schedule api workflow on list” for example.

Yes, you can do it on a Hobby plan. Check this setting:

Then choose this:
Screenshot 2020-09-13 at 15.09.30

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Thank you for that! I actually tried this today. I tried to schedule a workflow on a list. When I tried this today, with my hobby plan, I was given an error which said I need to pay for a plan (not in those words).

Did I do something wrong?

Don’t know really - I’m on a paid plan.


Doesn’t it work using the ‘Make changes to a list of Things’ action?

EDIT: Disregard, misread the question


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Could you elaborate?

I have a list of numbers in an elements custom state. I want to, on button click, create 1 thing in the DB per item in the list.

I have managed to do this through recursion but it’s slow and messy. Will post solution later when I have time.

I also am having a hard time figuring out how to have duplicate values in those custom state lists.

Hey @jared.gibb

My answer above for @pranay.t16 wasn’t right, I misread the question. For your use case, yes you need to schedule an API workflow - good news if it’s working with a recurring event but surely not the best way to go as you well said. For scheduled workflows to work you do need to be on a paid plan


Need extra help?

Book a free 15 minutes call - happy to help if I can

Thank you so much, if not for you i would have wasted time… gonna learn the api workflows and switch to a paid plan

Thanks again.

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Thank you.

Hey @jared.gibb - reaching out once again…I have exactly this use case…the problem with me is, that I am creating a Data thing…and after that I need to add data points to that very same data thing which has a list…I can manually create multiple actions…but that would indeed be messy…

upon triggering a backend workflow, there is no way I can access the newly data created or even the custom states. Please let me know if you figured a better way for this…

This would require using a series of work clothes that call each other passing around information between all of them and working recursively until it’s finished going through the entire list