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Make changes to a thing formatting

I’m trying to create a workflow which will save inputs on the web page and corresponding responses from a third-party API call using the connector to App Data.

When I try to setup the logic for the “Make changes to a thing…” I select: Input – is – third-party API attribute – formatted as number.

The above is all I would think is required to setup the workflow, but I keep getting issues when I try to leave it like this. It highlights in red and is looking for more “formatted as…” qualifiers. I’m not sure how to terminate this action so that it will be accepted.

“Make changes to a thing” is a two step process.

First, tell bubble what thing you want to change. Note this is NOT the fields you want to change, it is the “row/record”.

Once you have done that you can then specify what fields to change.


Thanks for the response. I’m still not clear on how to add a new row of data to the table as the “Thing to change”? The only option I see is to search for something in the table.

Adding a new row isn’t “Make changes to a thing”. You want “Create a new thing”.

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