Make changes to a thing - integers to a string/text?

Hi, I have a workflow where I save an Invoice prefix (year of invoice- taken from the year of the invoice date) and the invoice number. These are saved in two separate number fields.

I have an Invoice ID field, which is text.

I want to add a step where I create the “Invoice ID” where the field is, say: 2024-1

Currently, I’m adding a step in the workflow after creating the thing. I’m trying to make changes to the thing and add the two fields together. I tried “arbitrary text” and “append” but both say they’re numbers not text.

How can I convert the numbers to text? Or for SEO, how can I change the integers to a string? What am I missing here?

Hi there, @cuentas… if you ignore the fact that I am using the current user and the User data type for the sake of the example, what you are trying to do should be as simple as this.


You will make changes to and reference the result of the creation step, of course, but again, it should be pretty simple. If you can’t get it to work, share a screenshot or two so we can see what you are doing.

Hope this helps.


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Hi @mikeloc. Thanks for the quick response! I couldn’t get it to work like yours but I did get it to work.

After I entered the first field it wouldn’t allow me to add a - or another data point or any other text.

But I used what you showed me in the arbitrary text and it worked :slight_smile:

(please don’t mind the hacky 00 at the start of the number! will figure that part out later)

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