Make changes to a thing via email button

My current workflow outputs a PDF and saves it to a data type, this data type also has a yes/no field that is default set to “no”.

I can generate an email to the person i want it to go to but i would like to put a link or a button in that email that would switch the no to a yes when they click it. I am happy for this to be done via the person logging in before the action happens or if it just happens as soon as they click the link.

  • How do i go about customising a link to change a thing (any tutorials i can follow?)
  • If the clicker is interrupted by a login page would the link still change the thing once they are logged in?

Thank you for your help!

I’ll try and tackle this one.

Build a page on your app with quick text describing “A _____ PDF has been sent to your inbox.” and a button “Confirm Receipt” or whatever. The button’s workflow, when clicked, can change the yes/no field in question to Yes, and redirect the user back to Index.

If the user would first require hitting up your login page, just change that yes/no field to a text field, and use the words yes, no and pending. When the email is sent, change the field to pending. Then add to your login workflow a redirect to your new page "when current user’s yes/no is ‘pending’.

The only drawback I can foresee here is that if the user ignores the email and logs into the app, it will prompt them to click the button before allowing them to continue. For this reason, I might add a “resend the pdf” or “skip” function to the new page to minimize possible irritation.

And finally, if you’re building on mobile, you’ll have to make this happen in a new Group as opposed to a new page, but that’s likely not news if you are developing for mobile.


Thank you for the reply.

I was under the impression that i could include links that do stuff and buttons in the emails themselves - is this incorrect?

The pending workflow is useful so thanks for that, i will have a play around and see if i can make it work.

If it’s possible I will utilize it as well. I’ll keep an eye on the topic to see but I haven’t been able to find that functionaly myself.

I have seen some people talk about the sendgrid plugin so when i get some time later i will explore that option and get back to you if i find anything interesting :slight_smile:

If you create a new “landing” page, you can then create a URL in your email (or make it a button).

The URL will need a parameter to identify the thing you want to change. I use a random short code to make this easier.

When you land on the page, you can read in the parameter and decide what to do. If the switch is not already set, then set it. Otherwise you can show a “already done” message…

Thanks Nigel!

I think you have probably solved my problem but i dont really understand your answer!

  • create a URL in your email (or make it a button) - When i send an email in my workflow…i can type an address manually, how do i go about making a button or a link with a specific shortcode?

  • The URL will need a parameter to identify the thing you want to change - Thats exactly what i want but i have no idea how to relate a URL to a thing in my database, if you can point me in the direction of tutorials or reading material i will get started.

I already have a “usertype” field so i could add in “outstanding notifications” and switch this to yes which would then force a popup next time they log in i suppose?

Thanks again!

  1. In your email body, you can add dynamic data.


In this case I have created a ShortCode for each Question created.

It is optional, but I think is better than including the Unique Id.

On the landing page load, I read in the Question parameter, and set a state on the page.

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Hi Nigel,

I am just getting back to this after improving my bubble skills a little! I now have sendgrid working (after a painful couple of days not realising my gmail had a junk AND spam folder and my emails were going to spam). I have a very crude template that contains a button linking to my page - so i think im ready to tackle this bit.

My app involves users submitting timesheets which generally say how many hours they have done and what they have worked on. I would like to send the person responsible for approving the timesheet an email with the timesheet attached - then they click a button to approve it. They will probably have an account but ideally they wont need to log in.

Running through your notes above, would this be a good approach?

Give each timesheet a shortcode (it already has a approved = yes/no). Get the button to link to my page+shortcode (how do you know the format of this link? Will my app know how to interpret that?)

Then i would search for the timehseet with the matching shortcode, change approved to yes and show a notification to say it was approved. Assuming the timesheet is not a “user” field is it possible to do all of that without logging in?

I’ll have a go now, any tips would be appreciated. Thank you.

I managed to get the timesheet_id pulled from the URL, then I find the timesheet and change approved to yes. All works without the user logging in (I think)!

Thanks again for the help, if i discover anything else useful i’ll put it here in case it helps someone else.

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