Make changes to a thing when it is not directly related to the UX element

I am trying to change a thing that has no direct relationship with the UX object that triggers the workflow.

For example, a user will post a comment on a document and she will get an increased count in the thing award, so I am trying to modify the thing award, but that is not directly related to the object used to make the comment.

What is the way around that?

Hi there, @alejandro2… some screenshots would probably help here, but based on your description of the issue, it sounds like you simply need to do a search for the award you are trying to modify.


thanks a lot Mike. I am making a comment to a document (screenshot below)

and a number of workflows are triggered when I click on comment. I have another thing called awards, and I want to modify an existing award that is not related to the parent object of the comment button.

That said, i found the solution to the problem. I am changing a thing and doing a search for the award and once I find it I can modify.

If it is not clear, please let me know.

Yup, that’s what I was suggesting.

thanks again Mike.

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