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Make changes to another user

I would like to implement in my website a verified user system. I created a new field in the “user” thing called “verified” and set it to yes/no. I want some admin users to be able to change the “verified” field of not-verified users to “yes”. How can I do that?
It would be possible if a “Make changes to another user” setting was added by the Bubble team (I think). But, since this option hasn’t been added yet, does anyone know a workaround to achieve what I want to do?

Thank you!
Matteo :slight_smile:

Hi Matteo,

This action exists. “Make changes to a thing” > Define the thing as User > Define which user > verified = yes/no

Gaby | Coaching Bubble


Right since you added that field it’s not a bubble protected user field so you can do what you want with it. Just have your admin user type have a switch to change it to on/off.

Thank you!
I’m still learning how to use Bubble and sometimes all those fantastic functions… are just too many :joy:

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With this one solution you just saved my sanity at 3am. Thank you!


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