Make changes to data depending on current time

Hello everyone!

I’m currently building a marketplace where users can buy and sell items.

When someone buys an item and receives it, he/she needs to confirm the delivery. But if they don’t confirm within 4 days, we consider the delivery is ok.

So I would like to make “automatically” changes to the order, from “delivered=no” to “delivered=yes”, 4 days after it was shipped (I have the date when the item was shipped).

Is there any solution to build a workflow like this ? Maybe a backend workflow ?

Thank you for your help,

Is there anyone who can help me ? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @thomas.gounot,

First you need to define an endpoint (backend workflow) which will update the delivery status when called. Then you can schedule the workflow related to this endpoint using the "Schedule API Workflow " action.

See this example

Capture d’écran 2020-10-23 à 13.57.25



Hi @arthur.kieffer,

Merci pour ton aide, ça fonctionne :+1::+1:


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