Make changes to each item in the database using a list

I have a simple database structure where each “item” has:

  • Value 1
  • Value 2
  • Summed Value

I’m putting Value1 and Value2 in inputs in a repeating group. The idea is that the “summed value” will be created when the user clicks the “save” button.

I can get the list of the summed values to appear on the page thanks to @gaurav’s wonderful RepeatingGroup Tools (bdk) plugin:

…but I can’t figure out how to save this list of summed values down to my database. I thought it would be as simple as “make changes to a list of things” and then change each item’s “Summed Value” to the corresponding value in the Column 3 List…but no joy :frowning:

Am I missing something obvious here? Basically trying to update a value for each item in a list (my items) with a list of value from another list (Column 3 List).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: