Make changes to one list for each item in another list

Summary of what I’m trying to do: it’s a medical questionnaire, when filling it out, the user selects the alternative and the stage (dropdown). When the person clicks Finish, I duplicate the alternatives (they are multiple choice) and what I need to do is define a parent alternative so I can compare later.

The person selects the alternative and it is added to a custom state. Until then, okay. Now in the workflows.

I copy the CustomStates, add them to an answer bank and what I need to do that I haven’t been able to do yet, is change each of the copied alternatives and define which is the PARENT
alternative to compare later when viewing the form.


The reason I simply did not copy the alternatives is that the same alternatives are customizable and will be used in other questionnaires. So if I change one of these, when viewing the answers they will also change.

Anyone who can help me, I really appreciate it! In short: I need to know how to change this copied list and list a PARENT alternative (which was copied from CustomState) for each of them.

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