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Make changes to the Result of Previous Step

I want to add some properties to a new thing I’m creating, but I want to do it conditionally.

Since we can’t add a “Only when” condition to a specific property, but only to the entire step, I figured that I would make that change to the particular property by adding a new step and putting my condition on the entire step.

However, I’m not seeing a way to grab the result of the previous step to change:

Instead, it looks like my only option is to do a new database search, which introduces complexity around whether I can be 100% certain that what I grab from the database is the same as what I just created. Obviously there are ways to make it work, but it seems like a lot of unnecessary steps when the thing is right there in the previous step already.

Hi there, @brenton.strine… I could be missing something here, but the thing you are creating is a user, so the thing to change is the current user (which is essentially the result of step 1). Is that what you are asking?


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By golly, you’re right. The option does exist for other data types.

I guess it doesn’t exist for Users because once you create a user it’s expected you’ll just get data directly off the current user.

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