Make Changes To Thing updating text field but not number field

I am using a “Make changes to think” action to update two fields in a thing, one is a text and the other one is a number, first one is arbitrary text and the other one is a sum of other values from another Data Type

I can see that both Changes are reflected in the Debugger “Total Amount” and Description

But when I check the DB only the Text field is updated the other one “Total Amount” is blank all the time

Any help here please? Please let me know if you need more details. Thanks
Excuse my bad english

You are updating the Search for Cash Movements: first item all the time. Is this something intentional? Maybe you are looking at the wrong entry in the DB? Are there any constraints in the Search for Cash Movements?

Thanks for the reply.

I am updating the first item all the time because I am searching for a specific thing.

And as I mentioned, the Text field is being updated correctly but the Number field is not, even when the two fields are displayed in the debugger

Hard to say without diving into what you have there.
But if everything else is correct could you be missing the proper Privacy Rules and you can’t get the search of the Expense Report Details you’re doing the sum on?

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