Make changes to user data

Hello. I apologize in advance for my poor explanations.
I am now building a web app where it works kind of like a quiz.
In my app, I have 6 section/category. Each section contains 12 questions. So, the total questions are 72.
The program asks what are the correct image for a certain word. There are 4 options.
if user click the right image; 1 mark is stored in database field and then go to the next page.
but, if the user clicked the wrong image, no value is stored in database (The default value is 0) and then go to the next page.
after the last questions is answer, the program navigates the user to the SCORE BOARD page (automatically) which displays the sum of value stored in a section. like this:

  1. Section 1 {marks obtained} /12
  2. Section 2 {marks obtained} /12
  3. Section 3 {marks obtained} /12
  4. Section 4 {marks obtained} /12
  5. Section 5 {marks obtained} /12
  6. Section 6 {marks obtained} /12
    TOTAL Mark …
    Pass/Fail …

this web app has a user that can have multiple sub-user/student. so that’s mean, this web app can display each of the individual score, but need to log in first in order to display the data

My, problem is if the same user wanted to retake the quiz, how do I replace or delete the previous marks in the database?

because i want the old mark to be replaced by a new mark, and display the new mark in the SCORE BOARD page

thank you, hope this make sense.

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