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Hey guys. I h’m building an RSVP app and I want users to be able to update their RSVP’s however with the workflow I’ve created it hasn’t been changing anything on the database. Please help if you can guys.

Does parent group have an RSVP to update that is set from DB already? If no, you are not updating anything. You should create the RSVP first.

As @hergin said, you should probably be using the ‘Create a Thing’ action. ‘Make change to thing’ is only for updating an already existing database entry.

Having said that, even if the RSVP database entry already existed, this wouldnt work.
You are making a change to the RSVP, and setting the fields to ‘This RSVP…’. This will not change anything.
You are essentially saying: ‘Change This value to the value of This value’ .

You probably should be setting these fields to the value of a dropdown or an input field.

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I tried creating RSVP first. I put it in the same workflow right before make changes to RSVP and instead of changing it updating a users RSVP is just created a new one and didn’t change the users current RSVP

I tried this as well for some reason the only thing it changed was the attendance of the user. The only thing that is working is the making changes to the current user however the make changes to the RSVP is actually not changing anything

What exactly are you trying to change?

You’re not changing anything at all here… you’re just redefining the field values to their existing values??.

I want the users to be able to change their RSVP’s. I want them to be able to change their attendance their comments and the number of guests they are coming with

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Well then you need to set the fields using the appropriate values (not just the existing values)

So for example with attendance it would be dropdown attendance’s value ?

If that’s the value you want to store, yes.

These are the changes I’ve made and it still made no difference. I even tried creating an RSVP at the beginning of the workflow.

What would be the point in creating something then changing it in the following step?

Anyway are you sure there’s a RSPV to change (i.e. does the parent group have one defined?)

I’d be willing to bet that’s the issue is… - but the debugger will confirm it, so check that first, then (assuming that confirms my hunch), make sure you’re properly defining a RSVP in the parent group.

How would I go about checking that ?

In the debugger it’s not even showing the workflow I created.