Make connection to Ninox database

Hallo All,

i have connected a Bubble app to our Ninox database. Alle function well so far.
But one thing would be very nice to have :
All our Project management is done with Ninox. We have sorted these Projects with PR numbers → PR20240001 … 0002 and so forth.
Now I like to bring these PR Numbers to Bubble and back to Ninox. So it is easy to pick one Project and fill corresponding data in the + assign it back. Maybe with a dropdown ?

Is there any way with Make (former Integromat) or over API?

Thanks in advance


Hello @ag11 Welcome to the community

Very easily done via direct API calls, Bubble endpoints or Ninox webhooks


can you elaborate a little more? Is there any setup instruction für Bubble to Ninox? I am a little clueless.


These two areas of the documentation should help. I also see that Zapier and Make provide means to connect with Niños

Here the one for Zapier: