Make cut-off horizontal scrolling repeatinggroup last item visible

Hi all. As you can see, I have a horizontal scrolling repeating group that I have purposely cut-off from screen to create “scrollability”. My problem arise when to show the last item in the repeating group, it won’t scroll anymore due resulting in only half of the item content is shown.

Any advice on the best method to be able to show the last item?

I am thinking in something simple…

You will have to test it :sweat_smile:

Create two more itens to be displayed in the end… And format your RG’s rows to only show its shadow and borders if the item’s title is not empty.


Make the rg have all full columns

Place a group that is only visible in index 3

Style it so that it looks blurry from its vertical center to the left

Yeah, this is something simple. But I have to be aware of future development like if I need to count the item, I always need to build a logic that exclude empty title or item etc.

Meaning placing a group inside RG’s index 3, or at the same position (on top or cover up index 3) of index 3? If the latter, the last item will still be hidden when scrolling to the end.

On top of index 3 but … make it occupy half of the horizontal area within index 3 and make blurry there.

End result should be that the non-occupied part can be clicked on and the occupied part is blurry.

@faisalkarimstubapp I know that @Jici solved a similar problem in another topic.

Maybe he can help you:

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