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Make data interact


How do you make data interact with eachother via certain percentages and/or calculations.

For example:
I want to build a ‘‘scoring’’ system

Let’s day I have a app user that types in 100 for input A
and they type in 130 for input B

And let’s say the ‘‘optimal’’ would be if input B is at 120% of input A.

How can I showcase that input B is ‘‘over’’ input A with 10%?

Evantually I want to automatically showcase certain data after I know whether the user is over or under the ‘‘norm’’. I guess that’s done via conditions.

I hope someone can help me,

Have a great day :slight_smile:

Hi there, @aexel.programming18… without knowing more about your app and because there are so many different ways to do things in Bubble, it’s hard to point you in the “right” direction here. However, I put together a quick example that might help you get down a path.

As you described, I have Input A and Input B on a page, and it’s optimal if a user enters a value into Input B that is not more than 120% of Input A’s value. So, one thing you could do is set a max value for Input B that highlights the input when a non-optimal value is entered (it would also stop the user from submitting the value if you are saving it to a data type).

For simplicity, I also have an Input C on the page (which would likely be hidden), and this input has its Initial content set to Input A's value * 1.2. The purpose of this input is simply to give me easy access to the optimal limit (if you are storing these values in a data type, I wouldn’t shy away from adding an extra field to store this value, but that’s just me).

Finally, I have a text element on the page that shows a message to inform the user that Input B is over the optimal value by N%.


Anyway, as I mentioned at the beginning of this response, I don’t know how helpful this example will be because I don’t know exactly how you are trying to accomplish what you have described. That being said, I didn’t think it would hurt to throw it out there as food for thought, and I hope it helps.