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Make edits in live version workflow for stripe subscription

Hey! I need to make changes to a stripe subscription workflow in the live version of my app. When I try to make this edit in the development version, a dropdown appears, only showing products that I’ve created from the stripe edit mode. but I need it to show products that I’ve created from the stripe live mode. Does anyone have a fix for this?

Just to clarify,

this is what I see in the development version

this is what I see from the live version

when I try to click one of the live version options, this is what I see.

No idea if this will work but did you try putting your live public and secret key into the development input fields in the stripe plugin? LIkely not going to solve your problem but maybe

No, my keys are put in correctly. I’d imagine this would be an easy fix. pretty strange to run into this problem.

Have you actually created your subscription in Stripe?

If so, when I setup stripe subscriptions on my app, I had an option set for my subscriptions, then an attribute of a live subscription id and development subscription id. They are two separate things because one is on the test version of stripe and your app and the other is of the live version.

But this is definitely not a bug in my opinion.

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