Make entries available for an unauthorized user only

Hi community, that must be a primitive issue but I just cannot wrap my head around it for some long hours.

I have a form for an unauthorized user with dynamically added lines into a repeated group (RG). So the user can add as many lines as he/she needs. Looks like this:

Apparently when I store items to the DB they become available in the RG for every visitor on the website. I need to make them available for the current user only.

Very similar situation was described here Adding line to a repeating group trough my application but when I exactly follow the advised steps I don’t get the result. Maybe because Bubble had some updates in the functionality.

It just doesn’t make a cross-reference in the user DB table. In the nutshell I need to bind the entries to the current unauthorized user.

Thanks a lot for any guess!

Add display Current user’s data, it should work.

P.S The ability to write to your database without authorization bad practice in the security of your site.

This will lead to ddos attack and the fall of your site.

Thanks @sat_miha. When I try add this


Bubble says me that I should display users in the RG then and not the items. Not sure I got you right with that.

P.S.: how would you suggest to display the entries on the page without saving them to the DB prior to that?

Thanks again!

I’ve found that ‘user data’ in the contains and it works like a charm. Appreciate your reply!

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