Make max word count dynamic

What do you think of the idea to make Max word count for multi and single input fields dynamic?


I didn’t tried but I’m pretty sure you can do that with our plugin.

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Hey, for counting you can make it dynamic but I can add as many characters as I want when only using the plugin :slight_smile: So unfortunately it does not work :frowning:

But you can use dynamic value in the plugin right?

Yes but it won’t limit the users input

I’m sorry but for me, it’s working.

You can limit using dynamic on inputs:

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wauw so sorry I completely missed this one:

it’s working now, haha thanks a lot!!

You welcome :+1:

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one more question; I think the counter doesn’t count spaces and the limiter does, is that correct, and can I fix it?

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Fixed. Now the max. characters only counts the characters without spaces.

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Thank you so much!