Make neighboring cells of repeating group match the height of the tallest one

Anyone have an idea to solve this issue:

We’re using AirCalendar by ZeroQode for the usual Gregorian calendar, however our clients also use the Ethiopian “Ge’ez Calendar” so we’ve built this. It works great, except I am not sure how to make the cells all the same height if one gets stretched by “events” appearing on that date.

Each RG cell is basically a header and a body, and the header only shows if the cell’s index is 7 or less (for the days of the week). The border is on the body, which contains the icon, the text, and another repeating group for events that match that date.

Any ideas?


I can somewhat work around it by using the “separator” property of the Repeating Group itself instead of the internal group’s borders like so:

The problems with this are:

  1. Less flexible positioning - it has to exist on every cell (including the headers), and only appears on cells with a neighboring cell, so the bottom looks wonky.

  2. You can’t put dynamic data colors in for the “separator color”. This is probably just an oversight/glitch, I reported it as a bug.

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