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Make one API call, update multiple DB fields

I’ve defined an API call that returns stringified JSON similar to what is below.


There is a DB field created for each returned value. I see how I can get values by doing one API call per value being fetched. That looks easy. What I want is to do one API call, then update every DB field from the returned string without making another API call, as I’ve already received all the values.

I can not see how I do this.

I’m sure someone must have solved this, but in searching this forum, I found only one similar question from 2016 in which no one provided an answer.

Has anyone done this?

All field on one thing?
I guess that actually your API Call is set to Data. Change it (or clone it) to be "Action.
Do Action first and then make change to thing and in field use Results of step 1

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

That worked!

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@Jici Or @kevin4 - Can you elaborate on the solution here. I’m still stumbling on this one. Thanks so much in advance!

The key is to make sure Use as is set to Action, not Data.

Now I get it! Thank you @kevin4!

You’re very welcome.

Sometimes the English language descriptions are not precise enough.