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Make Slideable Menu scrollable based on screen height

While testing on a mobile device I noticed that I’m unable to see all of the menu items. Could the menu become scrollable if the menu items take more height than the window height?

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That sounds like a not great ux. Menus should be shorter (I’ve never seen anything else…)

Looks like the device is in landscape mode. I’m not sure I’ve seen someone navigate a web page on mobile in landscape mode. Maybe test with users to see how they use the app before investing a bunch of time into fixing this?

Really? I’ve seen many menus that are scrollable – not to mention that what I posted only has 5 menu items.

I consider Google to be at the forefront of UX, and UI’s, and if we can agree on that, than there’s nothing wrong with a scrollable menu.

Google Inbox uses them in both the desktop and mobile app – among many other web apps.

Desktop example

Mobile example

Mobile landscape example

Here’s Google Keep on the desktop

Nextdoor app on mobile

Google also discusses scrolling the menu (navigation drawer) in their Material Design specs here:

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Okay i’ll add that.