Make the image uploader save a blank image

Hello Guys.

I enabled autocomplete on 2 images each has a picture uploader, it works great the images upload fine.

The fields have a condition two be visible only if the content image is not blank, some user might not want to show a picture.

How can the user make the imagen uploader to save a blank image. It only lets You choose an imagen it doesn’t give You a choice to leave or save the field blank, does it ?

Appreciate the help.

Hey owscode,

I re-read your question and you can save the entire form regardless if there is an image or not, just that there will be a blank space in your database where an image is supposed to be

Alternatively you should be able to choose if the input is mandatory or not if you are using multifileuploader

Correct but i mean How ?
The imagen uploader only allows to select an image it doesn’t give You a blank option, does it ?