Make tutorial on how to search the Forum/make searching easier

I’ve noticed over the course of the last several months a large number of new users taking to the forum to get help with issues. A lot of those requests are repeated almost on a weekly if not daily basis. For example just today I saw two separate posts on creating unique URLs…a topic definitely discussed numerous times on the forum.

I believe it would be good for new users to have a tutorial on how to search the forum and to generate ideas of keywords to use in the search field.

Also, there may be a way to make it easier for users to search the forum and find posts from past. I’ve personally have had difficulties searching for my own forum posts of “tips” to link to users requests for help on specific topics, even when I have been searching using a constraint of only posts I have put up. I can completely understand how for some new users it is difficult to search and find support from older posts if I myself can’t easily find posts I personally posted.


You can use AND and OR inside your search (talking for newb :slight_smile: )

Searching the forums could certainly be made easier. But I also think there would be some merit in an increased bubble backed learning section.

Most basic information is notably missing from the very limited bubble learning videos section. And searching the forums can at times be more confusing than helping as bubble evolves. Have fun trying to find information on backend workflows for example.

@romanmg is doing a great job with bite sized 5-10min videos for quick basic information. I’m sure she’s looking at what’s commonly asked in the forums and targets those questions. There’s no reason (apart from money) that the bubble team couldn’t do something similar and maintain an updated video library of common questions and new features.

There’s a number of webinars that can go up to 3h. They’re great, but as a new bubbler just wanting to find out how to sort a repeating group… you’d be hard pressed to find a new excited user who just wants to build, watching that video hoping the answer will be in there somewhere. Most people will probably elect to spend 30sec and post on the forum instead, often without searching for 20min first :slight_smile:

Is there an instructor team at bubble HQ? If not, maybe a little bit of that VC money could be used, I’m sure it would draw in more users and generate more revenue in the long run :wink:

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