Make White UI-Elements Visible in Element Previews (high impact / low effort)

Hi friends! I’m sure most of you who have built a dark-background UI on bubble noticed that you couldn’t benefit from the handy element previews across builder. In the on-hover preview-pane, Bubble displays white color elements on a white background which unfortunately makes the this handy feature useless.

The Element Preview feature however is vital and a big time savior once you have tens or hundreds of UI elements in the page.

Bubble team, maybe this helps:
In one of my formers teams, I was working with engineers on a theme-feature. Because our users would often “destroy” their UI color-scheme with individual color customizations, our team found what I believe was a library that classified colors so that we changed associated colors to have the right contrast and avoid UI-elements becoming invisible.

I believe this is a high impact ticket that could be solved quite easily.

Thanks for considering it!

Below just a few examples where you cannot make use of the element preview:

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Link to IdeaBoard entry:

Please upvote the feature entry if you want this to be prioritized.