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Making a Bubble mobile app (codelessacademy ?)

Hello fellow Bubblers,

I’m looking to create a mobile app using Bubble. That said, I saw multiple solutions, as far as I understand them :

  • Wrapping it using an other tool : there is the Bubble app on one side, and the “receiver” on the other which displays the content
  • Using a PWA solution, so it makes the web app similar to a native app, but without going through a store
  • Solutions like codelessacademy, that use a plugin in order to make the app work as a native one, going through the stores

Is there any other solution ?
What do you recommend ?

Also, i red that the main issue with wrapping a bubble app into a native one is the speed, making the native app quiet slow (but maybe this is because of the initial app design ?) ?

Thanks a lot

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Codeless academy or Bdk are wrapping svces. They do it for you and have functions ready to tap into some of the native device functions.

Speed is the same. If the app was built in a “sluggish” way it will be sluggish. If the app was built in a performant way it will perform adequately :grinning:


Hello @Lambert and welcome to Bubble.

Not really. You can also designed a lot of native features under Jasonelle, an easy scripting json language to learn and can be adapted to Bubble, like BDK plugin do.

Here a link : 10 min. to build a free native iOS/Android app 2021 :large_blue_diamond:

Thanks guys, so you would recommand a wrapping solution.
What about PWA ? did you tried this solution ?