Making a copy of a list into another list

Hey guys, I have a situation in which I’m in the dire need of help.

I’m controlling some tasks which have a process with some actions to be done, therefore I have in my DB a relation - Task -> Process -> Action.
BUT, there is always a but, for user optimization, I allowed them to create some Standard Processes, so it need to be created only once and mentioned later.

The Standard Processes have only a description and a list of Standard Actions, only that.
The Process have the reference to the task where it is being used, a User saying who is doing it and a list of Actions, which have a name and a Completed status (boolean), so we could make a checklist out of it.

My problem is: when a new task is created I want to select the Standard Process this task will execute. When this is done, Bubble will need to create a new Process and Actions out of the Standard Process and the list of Standard Actions. I have no idea how to do that, as it is a copy of a dynamic list into another dynamic list.

Thanks in advance.

There is a copy list action for basic stuff. For more customized copying, one approach can be an API workflow with parameters sourced from the original standard process thing in the database and whatever the user entered. The workflow will contain a create a new thing action with fields = parameter value.