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Making a database search a list for a specific item and responding to it

The title might be a bit confusing, however I am wondering if and how I can make a workflow check a data value from a list. For example, I have the data type called “info” and we do not just use one page. The entire system is handled throughout multiple pages. When you toggle an iconic toggle on, I need it to update an item within the Data Type “Info” however only the item that has matching values should be changed. Within the item you have the fields “Community ID” and “Server ID”, and I want it to only change the item that has the matching ID’s of those two types. When I try to do this it only allows me to search for "Info"s first item, which becomes an issue because for every different community and every different server within the community, there will be a new item under the data type “Info”.

It’s been nearly 24 hours and no response. I really need help on this. Anyone?

Try using diagrams and potentially creating a demo app to illustrate exactly what you’re asking. The post is quite confusing.

Essentially there will be multiple “Communities” on my app. Within each community, there can be multiple “Servers”. For every “server” a “community” has, there would need to be a different data value because each one should hold different data.

If the data I need held is certain things like “1Active?” “2Active?” “3Active?” These three types are all changed when an ionic toggle is toggled on, so if toggle #1 is on, then it would make “1Active?” = yes, same for toggle #2, so on.

The thing here is, that each community’s server would all have these same data subtypes but each one will have different values depending on whats been activated on the site that changes it. When you enter the site, you choose your “Community” then you choose which “server” in that community that you want to use. When you choose, for example, a community named Communtiy1, and the server under that community named “Server1”, and you change toggle #1 to be toggled on, then the data subtype “1Active?” would equal yes, however only for the item under the data type “info” that has a matching community ID and matching server ID. This way, when you change to a different community or server, it wouldn’t display the information from your previous one, it would update it to the new one.

Still awaiting help.