Making a Messaging APP

I want to make a messaging app that allows you to message users with a certain role, how can I do this?


This will be a good start

I want to make my own however I do not understand that template

Yeah, it is more of an “chat” messaging service than user-to-user.

As an alternative…

Customise to filter possible recipients based on role.


You will need to understand the following points:

  • Doing a search for with filter based conditions based on Role
  • Sending data between groups
  • Setting Data Type for certain groups that you are sending the data to
  • Custom State
  • URL Parameters, useful when reloading the page or navigation through messages
  • Conditional Statements Showing/Hiding certain groups

Your database would contain a seperate Role Field on the User Data Type.

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No-Code Venture

Thank all of you for the replies! @nocodeventure do you have a good source of learning custom states and URL Parameters?

Hi @hcrockstar04

Save time in your setup with @fayewatson 's solid messaging app template. It is probably the best build app, with solid documentation, that I’ve seen yet.

For roles, just create a new thing for the user, messages, conversation called “role” and set the privacy settings to only show if user role = message / conversation role. Easily done.


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wow this link is amazing…thank you!