[Making a Mobile App] How do I create a map for a game larger than what fits the screen? (user can scroll around)Please help :)

It’s a virtual world type of project for our students. I’ve not begun to make the app yet but I’m wondering if when the user loads the page, can it be larger than what fits the screen? So this way they can scroll around on the map rather than have a set screen and not being able to move it around?

Imagine loading this from simcity: out of the complete picture (30 buildings), you’re only able to see 9 buildings and will need to scroll around to find more.

Am I complicating it too much? I was thinking creating a mobile-sized page will not work because there would be no scrolling (you’d see all 20 desks at once since it already fits the screen), and also what we could fit in the screen would be a mess… since we now have to fit 20 desks into a tiny screen rather than only 9 and allow for moving around.

So, would creating a regular web page and directing mobile users to it work out? How would that play out? Will it be okay for what we’re trying to do? Or any suggestions? Honestly not too sure how to even start… :slight_smile: ?

Thank you so much to whoever answers ! And happy holidays :slight_smile:

Check this video

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