Making a payment system with Paypal

Hello all, Is there anyway of making a payment system, so that when a user pays, it uploads to the system. At the moment I have a selling app, like eBay, where the user will have to pay for his advert to go live. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Regards

Hi Krazitoast,

Yes, you can implement a user payment and then upload feature. Check out the “Paypal Checkout Plugin” by Copilot.

Install this plugin, add the paypal checkout button to the page you want to charge the user and enter the amount you want to charge.

then click on a box in the workflow editor and look at your event options. You will see an event called “a paypal payment has succeeded”.

Create a workflow based on this event called __> create post or create listing

This way the user’s listing will not appear unless they successfully make a payment

You can also use a yes or no variable such as “live =yes” so add a field called “live” field to the post / listing object in your database this is a type “yes/no” now set the default value to “no”

Returning to the area “A paypal payment has succeeded” --> make changes to post / listing
set field “live =yes”

Now everywhere that you show live listings on the website add a constraint "to these searches “live = yes” , if you use do a search for then just add a constraint if you use object’s listings then use a “:filtered” plus add the constraint “live=yes” this ensures that only live listings will show, and you can schedule the listings to no longer show after certain time etc. by setting the listings

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Hi Evan,
I’ve tried configuring the Paypal checkout plugin but nothing seems to be working. From the bubble side of things, I would know how to do it as its perfect with the “Paypal payment has succeeded” event but how to I set it specifically up to my PayPal developer account with the API? Thanks a lot!


You state that, “nothing seems to be working”. What is your largest issue at this time? Please provide details and screenshots.

I tried the same but without success. I think that for my site PayPal is not working very well.