Making a responsive app in free plan

Hello everyone!

I am new in this and I’ve started learning bubble on their academy with free plan, but I’ve had problems with making a responsive apps. I’ve followed tutorial how to make responsive app and in development mode when I use a ruler to change a size of app which has group of elements in row, it works and it puts them one under another when I resize app, but in preview mode it doesn’t work. In preview mode they stayed fixed.
I’m wondering if this is because I’m in free plan and in preview mode I can’t see the responsiveness, or I’m making a mistake somewhere?

Thanks in advance for the help!

That makes us two…Same question here! Thanks in advance for your help with this matter

Hey, that is not a problem because of free plan. After that I made some other app also in free plan and I managed to use ruler, so it is probably because of some wrong settings :slight_smile: