Making a sidebar menu using a repeating group and having it as a reusable element

I have been trying to find a tutorial to build a responsive sidebar menu. At this moment I am trying to utilize a repeating group like such:

Within the repeating group I intend to have different button options, however when using a repeating group it asks for a type of content, this is the aspect I am stuck on.

Does anyone have suggestions on what data type one could use to create a side menu bar?

Also, any inputs on learning to create this as a reusable element on all of my pages are greatly appreciated.

Indeed, a Repeating Group must have data in order for it to show anything…

In the case of using a Repeating Group for a menu, it’s best to create an option set for you menu items, then set the RG content-type and data source to that Option Set.

As for making it a reusable element, just make the entire sidebar a reusable element and add it to the relevant pages.