Making a tabbed button active on pageload

I have two tabs which work fine - they show different page content when clicked. But, on initial page load, no content is showing, where I obviously need the content for Tab 1 to show on page load.

I have set the visible on page load for the Tab 1 content area:

and here are my conditions for the button:

Hi there, @darren.james7518… if I understand your post correctly, you can use this workflow event…


… to set the current tab custom state to 1 when the page is loaded, and then you should be good to go.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Mike, but where did you find that ‘general’ tab - I don’t have one?

Yes, you do have one. :slight_smile:

Look to the right of the gray boxes that are cut off in your screenshot. See the white box with the dotted outline that says Click here to add an event? You need to add a new event, and then add a workflow action to that event that sets the custom state on page load.

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Ah, found it!!

Ok, it worked but with an unfortunately side effect. The settings successful show the Tab 1 content on page load. But, from that point, if you click Tab 2, you are shown both Tab 1 and Tab 2 content. If you click back on Tab 1 then it all works fine, but initially there is a mix up?

UPDATE: I have fixed it but adding another action to Tab 2 which says to hide Tab 1 when Tab 2 is clicked. This seems like a long winded way to do it but it works!