Making an Alert Display Multiple Times

Hi, I’m trying to make an alert display when a timer reaches zero.

It works the first time it reaches zero, however, if I reset the timer and it goes to zero again, the alert doesn’t display.

Do alerts need to be reset? How can I get this to work?


I’m just going to bump this. Has anybody encountered a similar issue?

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Hey, happy to help you out. Can you show me how your workflow is setup?
Also, did you build the timer or are you using a plugin?

Hi, thanks for answering!

I created my own timer through the following workflow:

I set a Custom State that is reduced every second when the Play state is active. As soon as the timer hits zero, the alert pops up.

The problem with it is that it only activates once. If I reset the timer and it goes back to zero, the alert no longer displays.

Hey sorry for the late reply!
I’m curious about these “only when” conditions, too.

However, I would advise instead on using “When Time <= 0” instead of 0. Since it matches to the milisecond, it could sometimes miss the window.

Also the “do when” event trigger has multiple options: the default is “do once”, but what the OP wants is to select “every time”.


I did this and it stopped working completely

Wow, can’t believe I missed this. This worked. Thank you!


WOOO! Yea, @keith is a goldmine of bubble knowledge! Glad we figured it out!

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