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Making an HTTP request with a JSON and base64 encoded payload

Is it possible to make an API HTTP request with a JSON and base64 encoded payload?

I am trying to integrate a JSON below and also pass various variables dynamically based on user activity, in this case, an event (purchase) made on through the app.

This triggers a series of events inside a CRM.

Some docs:

“token” : “API_KEY”,
“event” : “Placed Order”,
“customer_properties” : {
“$email” : "[email protected]",
“$first_name” : “John”,
“$last_name” : “Smith”
“properties” : {
“$event_id” : “1234”,
“$value” : 29.98,
“Categories” : [“Fiction”, “Classics”, “Children”],
“ItemNames” : [“Winnie the Pooh”, “A Tale of Two Cities”],
“Brands” : [“Kids Books”, “Harcourt Classics”],
“Items” : [
“Name” : “Winnie the Pooh”,
“Quantity” : 1,
“ItemPrice” : 9.99,
“RowTotal” : 9.99,
“ProductURL” : “”,
“ImageURL” : “”,
“Categories” : [“Fiction”, “Children”],
“Brand” : “Kids Books”
“Name” : “A Tale of Two Cities”,
“Quantity” : 1,
“ItemPrice” : 19.99,
“RowTotal” : 19.99,
“ProductURL” : “”,
“ImageURL” : “”,
“Categories” : [“Fiction”, “Classics”],
“Brand” : “Harcourt Classics”
“time” : 1387302423

Bump on this.

I have now learned that this call needs to be base64 encoded in order for it to work. Is this possible?

I have read other threads that I must email you about base64 encoding as it is not out of box yet. @emmanuel please let me know on this.

I don’t think we support this.

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Is it something that can be emailed to you like the other thread?

Not right now, our backlog is already quite full (otherwise i would have mentioned the email…)


Is there a known tool that will encode it from the API connectors format?

“If your plugin is not able to encode it’s requests to base64 and JSON, then you will have to use a different tool; or a custom script, leveraging our API libraries”

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