Making API calls for Stripe connected accounts

Main AIM - Use the API connector for connected accounts. The plugin is great but you cannot select payment methods for connected accounts.

Todays AIM: Add the stripe API header to make calls on behalf of connected account.
Stripe Docs image:

Bubble API Call

Issue: This call creates the product under the platform account, not the connected account.

The Stripe header is not being passed into the API Call.

Please, your help would be appreciated. How can I pass the connected account id header into the API call?

Have a great day.

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following, as I expect I may be doing something similar in the future.

It got it working as per the screen shot. I’d had the wrong acc number

That was going to be my question as it looked like everything was correct in the setup.

One thing you may want to change is to put the Authorization in the Shared Headers so you do not need to add it to every call you will create.

Also, note, that if you leave the Stripe-Account Value empty, it defaults to your Stripe account (ie: the one that the belongs to the app), so I’d recommend checking the optional box next to Stripe-Account so that if you do sell something from your own app and it is not a connected seller, you can just leave it blank, especially useful for subscription calls in the event the app allows the connected seller to also sell subscriptions.

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Thank you. This is helpful.

I need to work out how to pass images in the stripe api now. Do you have an example?