Making API Results Populate in a List

Hi all, I have an app built using OpenAI to generate text outputs that are policies for my customers who will be using my app. Currently, the user selects their parameters and “generates” a policy.

Which then appears in a popup that is copy paste friendly for them to move to a word doc. (see image)

I need a way to make the past results of their policy requests populate in a list so that they are able to refer back to them in the future whenever a new policy request is made. Example below showing an undetailed mockup of what it should look like. This is where they can manage the life cycle of policies.

I need to know three things that I am struggling with:

  1. How do I get the outputs of the API calls to populate there automatically each time a policy is generated? They must also be unique to each user/organization also.

  2. In the same vain, how do I make it so a user can invite other users from his or her organization to share their instance?

  3. How do I format headings above the policies to say like “name” “date created” a download button, and any other info they might need in regards to the policy?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated!