Making button temporarily unavailable

Hey guys,
I need a little help, with a button. It has a workflow, and it changes user data, but I want this button to be clickable one time only, for 120 sec for the first time. After that, the time has to grow with +10% with every click.

My idea was to use the current time, and a new field named “worktime” with the type of date. The last thing in the workflow changes the date of the worktime field (adding 120 sec to the current time). But when I use the current time > worktime, it seems to be true at any case.


Are you able to show screenshots of the workflow action that changes the Worktime field and the condition on the button?

Or make the app public and share a link to the editor?

Take a look at

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Thank you for the link. I need the thing you already mentioned there. A button that can’t be used until some time, even if the site is reloaded. I visited your “demo” too, but those 3 buttons are usable after reloading the site.

Ah, I see what has happened. This is because since then, I have moved to the non legacy plans and the app I built it in is not a paid app, which means that the scheduled api workflow no longer works. If you have a paid app, implement yours like I did for the second button and it should work.

The problem is, that I have no paid apps, and I don’t plan to pay for any in the short run. I’d like to do the free plan.

I uploaded a few pictures as you requested.

Not sure I can get this without jumping into the editor. But try putting the 'current date/time +(seconds): 120 directly on the Make Changes to Current User, instead of trying to add it on in a later step.
Or at least remove the condition on it, I feel like it might not be making that change to the user