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Making buttons with checkbox functionality

Hi Guys,

Any pros around to help me create these buttons? Basically, I don’t like checkboxes, so I want to have two buttons that people select instead, female or male ---- or female and male. There are other categories in the workflow so I don’t want the boxes to link when clicked, only to be selected.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hey Greg :slight_smile: I’m not sure if this is the best way, but with only two choices this should do it! (And not take too long to set up!) Here’s an example in the forum:



I only set up the custom states in this example, but I can definitely help with what you need these buttons to do. For example, do you want what is Checked to change the results displayed in a repeating group? Or are you saving information about the User depending upon what is Checked?

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Hey guys, nice demo. @gregjohnkeegan Just remember to add a lgoic step to each workflow so it clicks back and forth.

For the workflow On click female button when female button is checked - Logic is now set state checked for button female - ADD one more step - Set logic for button Male to unchecked.

And do the same reverse for the male button workflow. Here is a short demo when fixed :slight_smile:


Good call @gurun :slight_smile: I may have misread but I thought he wanted the option to select both female and male (at the same time)

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Thanks @fayewatson and @gurun very insightful.

Yes It’s one or both to be checked.

I’d like it to display a repeating list.

No problem :slight_smile: Can you share a link to your app in the editor version?

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Hey Faye, I’ve not gotten around to implementing my search page yet but will defo hit you back when I tackle it.

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