Making changes to 11,000 things

Hey, so I have a bunch of journal entries (11 thousand) put in by users and I want to decrypt them all (after I learnt my own encryption is basically useless), I used a plugin to encrypt the journals.

The issue is, Im not sure how im going to go about this, I know that it’ll have to be some kind of backend workflow I use on the database, but just not sure. I need an answer quickly, thankyou.

Oh, it’s you again. Well, you are going to have to run a recursive backend workflow over those to change them. It won’t take as long as you think (several hours-ish on a personal plan). To make this easier, you should check out my List Popper & Friends plugin.


Thanks, I’ll check it out.

Although, I’m not too sure where to even start with this. I don’t think the plugin I used allows you to encrypt/decrypt through a workflow, it must be through a plugin element on the page. I have manually decrypted in the past because of this issue, but that was only times when there were around 300 entries, and even that lagged the hell out of my page.

Okay so I’ve just found out that this plugin I used (for encoding not encrypting) does not have an option to decrypt on a list of of things.

Is there any workaround here anyone can think of? Or do I have to manually go and click a button eleven thousand times?

When you setup a recursive workflow it goes through each item one by one so you don’t need the “Decrypt a list” action.

Search on the forum for recursive, it’s basically a workflow with a list that schedules itself:minus the item processed so it runs in a loop until the list is empty.

You could do that…

Or you could run a recursive workflow, as has already been suggested…

there are no actions for the plugin I used that are in the backend workflows unfortunately, so there is no option for me to decode there. Thank you for everyone’s help, I will just have to not put in a search feature ever lol

What’s the plugin? Sounds strange it’s not in the backend. You might be able to rig something up that is recursive-ish in the front end in it’s really a last resort

Thanks for the reply. The plugin is Zeroqodes encode/decode - Encode Decode Encrypt Decrypt Plugin | Bubble

If there is any solution that can save me from clicking a decode button eleven thousand times, that would be extremely helpful, just not sure how to go about it.
And I agree, it’s very strange they made the plugin like this, I probably wont be using their plugins again lo.

What exactly are you trying to decode? (what type of encoding?)…

The context you seek, @adamhholmes… it was quite a thread.

Actually, it may not help with your question, but it’s still more context.

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AES, why? The issue is that I can only decode one thing at once because there is no plugin action in the backend api + plugin doesn’t let you decode a list of things.

Have you tried a different plugin?: AES encryption & decryption Plugin | Bubble

this one runs sever-side so you can use a recursive backend workflow…

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Interesting, so do you think this plugin will allow me to decode the entries I encoded with the other plugin? The plugin I currently use says it was AES, and encoding, not encrypting.

Just put a banner on your site or whatever that says, “Hey, wanna make your dreams about dancing with your mom searchable? Click here.”

And then snag the user’s encryption key and decrypt the stuff you shouldn’t have encrypted.


no, that’s not going to work.