Making Changes to a Database based on other field values

I have an API that downloads bulk data to a Database with different Fields that it automatically matches. This includes a “Progress” Field, a number between 0 and 100 and a “unique id” field which either has a 0 is a string of numbers.

I aim to create a pie chart that I can use to display all the completed and in-progress users using ApexCharts. I believe in doing this, I would need to have a field that corresponds to “Completed” and “In Progress” so that I can use the group by function and count the number of instances within the database.

Within the workflow of taking the API information and inserting it into the database, I’ve added a step to delete a list of things with an empty ID:

I’ve also added two “make changes to a list of things” steps to try and change the “In Progress” field from blank to In Progress if the Progress < 100 and the “Completed” field from blank to Completed if Progress = 100.


In Progress:

However after all the data is imported into the database, there are no other changes made. Does this need to be in a separate workflow (or backend) or am I going about it the wrong way? Thanks

Are you saying you’ve added your own custom field called “unique id”?

In which case, are you sure you’re not getting it mixed up with the built in Bubble unique id field?

Yeah it’s a bit confusing that it’s the same name but that can be changed easily.

It’s the unique id for each user that is retrieved from the API. If it’s a “valid” entry then there will be a unique ID but if it’s not then it will be 0. I want to download all the data and then delete all the things that have a unique ID of 0.