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Making changes to a listing

Hello Bubblers,

I am building an market place app for people to find and rent private parking spaces. Think ‘airbnb’ for parking spaces.

Within my app I have an account page where a repeating group lists the current users parking spaces that they have listed. I want to add a feature that allows the user to edit a parking space. Can anyone tell me what the best and easiest way to do this - I’m thinking an ‘edit’ button that shows a pop up with the “parent group parking space”. Would the user have to change every input individually as a different workflow? How would the workflows work to ‘make changes to a thing?’ Help Needed please !!

Many Thanks

You can do it with a popup like that. When you “Show” the popup, you would have to set a group to be the repeating group thing you have clicked edit on. That is how you “send” the thing to be edited to a popup.

An alternative is to have the fields as input on the form, but set a custom state when “edit” is selected.

Then use the field conditions to un-disable and maybe give a visual indication that they are editable.

Your workflow can reset all the fields at once, if you wanted a Save / Cancel button.

Or you can do each field as it gets changed using “When value has changed”.

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