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Making changes to calendar availability

I’m creating a platform where users can select and share their availability so other users can book time with them. I’ve created a way for users to select their availability for the first time, but I’m struggling to work out how they can make changes to that selection. I’ve been over the workflow for 2 days now and just really can’t figure it out so turning to the community and hoping someone can help!

Data Types
User (Field: Availability as a list of availabilities)
Availabilities (Fields: Available as yes/no, Closing Hour as date, OpeningHour as date, Day as text, Day Number as a number, Day of the week as Day of the week, Expert as user)

Option Set
Day of the week (with each being assigned a number attribute 1-7)

When users are first on the webpage they are directed to a scheduler (using Air Date/Time Picker plugin) and when they press the button ‘Add’ for each day of the week the selections are shown below in another table (this was for UX reasons.) The button ‘Add’ disappears and they then press ‘Finish’ and are directed to the homepage. They are then able to navigate to the ‘edit schedule’ page to change their selections.

Screenshot 2021-08-08 at 12.43.49

Workflow for the ‘Add’ Availability:

Screenshot 2021-08-08 at 12.44.55

However, I just cannot work out how to ‘Make changes to a thing…’ if the user wants to update their availability on another page like this:

Does anyone have any idea how this workflow might work?

I’m clear that I need to ‘Make changes to a thing…’ but everything I have seemed to have tried doesn’t work.

And, in the process, I hope I have helped someone with creating a time scheduler!

Thank you!!

Have you been able to successfully show the user the original availability?

Seems like first step is to make sure the way you are displaying the availability they originally set is to have a way within it to elect to make a change. Easiest approach might be to use the same elements you used to get the availability set the first time.

Then you can just load the data from the database into those same elements, and from their use a button to allow them to edit.

Definitely quite an undertaking. When I created my Calendly Clone Template it was the most complex project I have undertaken in Bubble. Took a bit more than 8 weeks to get everything working properly and hearing from those who have purchased it, it has definitely saved them tons of time and headaches.

I agree with @boston85719

This is why I built my plugin. Same idea. Making timeslotting and Timeslot filtering easy!

Thanks for your reply! Yes, I did manage to get the availability shown. I think I have discovered a solution:


It seems to be working, but I then realised that I needed to create time slots in the backend e.g. 15 min or 30 minutes increments which I’ve spent three hours on this forum trying to work it out but having no luck. @boston85719 do you know how to do that?

To create the time slots dynamically for any given user

You might consider using list shifter and the JavaScript toolbox plugin

Using the JavaScript Luxon library you can easily create a set of time intervals for your time slots!

It’s probably possible with native bubble too but I’m not sure on that!

Hi @jared.gibb I actually just bought your plugin! I’ve been playing around with it but have to say was getting quite stuck with it too because some of the documentation was missing for the Time Slot/Recurring Event generator! When I first added the Calendar, I wasn’t sure what you meant by Event Titles, is that the events that you want to schedule?

For example for every Expert (user that can accept bookings) they need to offer 15 min, 30 min or 1 hour slots. Sorry, I don’t know if I’m making sense.

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Thanks! I saw on another forum post that it is possible in native Bubble but there wasn’t any explanation with it: [Tips] Let Users setup their daily availabilities - #13 by Christophe_HK

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Thank you!! Yeah… :sob: I’m behind on That. The calendar is documented but the Timeslot gen isn’t.

If you wanna jump over to that forum post I can help you get set up!

It’s real performant and flexible! Can’t wait to help you get set up (then finish the documentation :joy:)
I’m real available for support for the plugin rn because the documentation is really lacking for the other components.

This app really shows off the flexibility. It’s modeled after the core function of Calendly and hits at what you’re asking about

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On the timeslot gen it asks for event titles. It outputs a data type called “filtered time slots. That’s so you can feed the time slotted or filtered events directly Into the calendar along with other event sources!

You’d filter a raw list of event against some event source like a users google calendar events or events from the DB

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I would use an frequency of “minute” for starters


An interval of 15, 30, or 60 set dynamically or static

15 = 4 events per hour
30 = 2 events per hour
60 = 1 event per hour

An event duration also set dynamically

Also, make sure your start time is 12:00 AM for this idea above

Leave start hour and minute blank unless creating events either daily or weekly.


If you don’t want to ask for support in the forum, feel free to shoot a DM. I’ll provide full support until I have docs set up!!

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Thank you so much for all your help! I’ll have a play around with it and let you know on the forum if I have any further questions. Appreciate the speedy response!!

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