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Making changes to data type connected to current user

I’m still trying to wrap my head around the way data is structured in Bubble, using Data types, things and lists of things…

I want to do the following and im not sure what the best way would be:

I have a Data Type Users
I have a Data Type Locations

Data Type User has billing address

Data Type Locations has ‘address x’

I have a toggle on a page that says ‘same as billing address’

I want a workflow to ‘do when condition is true’ > toggle is checked > current user’s location address = current user’s billing address (and i have more fields like that)

So you can compare it to a billing address is same as delivery address. I cant seem to select that Location type:

Im worried I have structured my data in the wrong way, so some suggestions here are much appreciated!

What are you trying to make happen when this Condition is True ?

From the lower screenshot, it looks like there isn’t an address field on Location ?

Are they both of the same type ? So Geographic Address ?

I’m not confident that this is correct but its what I would try.

On click of the toggle, run a workflow that creates a thing with all of the address fields, and then update user’s billing address to equal these fields.

Please someone correct me if this is wrong as I’m still a massive NEWB!

I have the address field, its just further down below. I dont use the address type because I got all weird addresses for just the ‘zip’ field for example so I decided to stick with text fields for those.

Problem with the second solution is that that address isnt neccesarily the billing address.

I finally discovered the power of the geographical address and specifically its extract function :). That should help in solving this…