MAKING CHAT WORK (custom statE)

Hi, i’ve been searching for a while in foruns and videos about how to make a simple chat on bubble, but i guess i messing the workflow somehow and can’t find the solution. So:

  1. Firstly, i created two databases with two fields each, being A: TALK, with a list of users and a list of messages from database B; and B: MESSAGES, which contains two fields, being one from the TALK database, and a text field.

  2. Set up the front-end repeating group TALK with a constraint for the current users.

  3. Set up a repeating group message’s and created a custom state named ''TALK1" with database TALK on it

  4. Now things start to get messy, i try to create a data source with the custom state, but it keeps sending me endless data source options

  5. I’ve set a state to connect both repeating groups with the new custom state ''TALK1"

  6. After days i gave up and left this way

  7. But, go to icon “sent” function “create a new thing” on data base and can select the repeating group message, which also give me endless options

Thank you for you attention.

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