Making element sizes responsive

I’m trying to structure a post created by a user. Need help with figuring out how to make the elements responsive corresponding to the size of the post

basically want the the comments to move up or down based on the size of the content/picture.

If you put your image loader inside a group and the comments inside another group 1px below the image’s group, it will be automatcally moved down based on the picture height…

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i put them in groups and placed them 1 px under each other but it still doesn’t correspond to the length of the post

The text component must be only one line, so if the text gets bigger, the component will push the bottom down. Or you can mark the option (in the text) to “shrink if text gets shorter”…

In the image holder group, you can mark the option to colapse the group height if the post have no image. This will make the container “desapear”, leaving only the text visible.

What is causing this giant blank space you are seeing in your post is the fact that there is no image. Doing what I suggested above, this blank space will vanish…

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awesome it works!! Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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