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Making or Getting Us a new Cad/MDT system for our new GTA 5 Roleplay server in FIVEM, In the search

Hello! My name is Jye, and I am currently in the process of building/ creating a new FiveM server, we are in the search for a couple of computer guru’s that can help us with map development, And most of all the CAD/MDT system,
Benefits: You will be promoted to either Administrator or Sr. Administrator on our discord along with a bunch of roles if you train, you will have access to stuff that is not disclosed to the public, we will have a test server that you can feel free to play on at any time, I am 16 years of age and I am really interested in this stuff, So if you could help please reach out to me, I will put my discord name in the bottom, I do not have money to pay, I am hoping any of you can do it for free as I am on a budget, but also trying to give everyone a great experience, and you will also get benefits for this as I stated above.
Thank you for your time and please take this into consideration,
Kind Regards Jye Smith
If you are interested please Pm me on this discord name: Oakan |H-069/F-62|#9545

i can make a CAD/MDT system for you please join my company and make a ticket

i am in the process of making a CAD for gta ad it will even have a Economy system all in game cars will be added to it drugs food and so much more it is for my ps4 server so there will be extra things such as a health system hunger and thurst system so people actually have to buy foods and water or there character will die but here is a short video of it so far unfortunaltly it wont b done for a few weeks.

Click below for the video
Los Santos Productions Police and Civ CAD