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Making sure the user is logged in to access membership page


To access a membership page the user must be logged in so I created a workflow that direct user who are not logged in to the signup popup. However, when you signed in so and you access the page by copying the link in the address bar, you still can access that membership page eventhough you have logged out by pasting the link into the address bar.

On this member page I even entered in the workflow “When page is loaded and current user is not logged in” SHOW “signup/login pop up” but when you close the pop up you can still access this membership page.

How to make sure that the membership page that requires the user to be logged in is not accessible? I am probably forgetting a condition or workflow so to make sure that the user must be logged in at all time and not able to bypass this log in process if he/she has the link address of this membership page to access directly.

Thank you.

you could redirect them to a “connection” page. The redirection will be done even before the page loads.

or you could also add an event “When the login popup is close and the user is not logged in” => Redirect to your home page"

Thank you NIcolas,

Tried both ways and the best is to redirect before the membership page because even if the login popup appears when the membership page is loaded, it will not appear again eventhough the user is not logged in when he/she close the popup window.