Making the business card and Share it to anyone

I’m trying to make a business card with the Bubble app so my client who are using my app can upload their information and then they can share the link with anyone, My problem is when I use privacy to make it so that everyone can see it, The data from all the user it gets mixed together? I tried to make difference slugs For each user but it seems like it still gets mixed together. Can anyone help me to solve the problem?

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When you’re setting up what information to share online, pick the details that are okay for everyone to see. Remember, whatever you make public is out there for anyone to find and download. So, it’s important to think about what you’re sharing to protect your users’ privacy.

‘Everyone Else’ means public and viewable to anyone on the internet basically.

Can you show me what you mean about everyone’s info get mixed together? A screenshot would be helpful.

You might just be displaying the information incorrectly. Are you using a URL parameter to display the data on the page that you want? That seems like the best way.